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Warning About Ketoconazole
At J-Kat, I have the opportunity to talk and email many people about ringworm issues.  There has been evidence and personal stories that Ketoconazole and related drugs have been linked to cat deaths, kitten abortions, and other cat health issues.   Some vets are still using these injections and oral applications.
CAUTION! The effects may be terminal or they may take time to show the health deteriorization caused by the drug.  
It is not my wish to replace your trusted vet’s treatment.  I just want to share with you the stories and consistencies I’ve heard and found regarding this drug.  Some people still use griseofulvin although it has been linked to many feline deaths and most vets stop using it years ago. People will do many things to get rid of ringworm, I understand that.  
But, I caution you that while getting a cat or kitten with ringworm may be a tedious undertaking, getting a cat or kitten that has been treated with drugs or dips that are incorrectly administered can appear to clear up the ringworm but may in fact be fatal to the cat or leave the cat with damaged organs facing serious health problems in the future.  
Work with a trusted and truthful breeder.  Ringworm is at epidemic proportions because of open pet stores, shows, shelters and many other contagious environments, including the ground where we walk.  
There is nothing wrong with admitting your cat has or had ringworm.  
Ringworm is a topical skin disease, and although it is difficult to get rid of, depending on the stage, it can be done topically with safe treatments and applications.
Joanie Glance, Ph.D.    
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Recently a customer sent me this note.  She was told by her vet to use Chlorox to kill ringworm.  She called Chlorox since nothing was said on their product about killing fungus.  Chlorox Customer Service researched and said they do not guarantee its effectiveneness against ringworm.  To disinfect they suggested 1/3 cup in a gallon of water.  Several med schools said to use 1 1/2 cups of bleach in a gallon of water for ringworm even though Chlorox does not stand behind it. 
There is no need to use caustic chemicals on or around your animals to kill ringworm.  Just because something is strong, does not mean it will kill ringworm but it very well may hurt your pets.
Thank you Chris for this information!
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