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Thank you so much, Joanie, for saving my five 4-legged pets and MY life!  We had ringworm since our new kitten coming to our home before Christmas.  After 6 lime sulfur treatments and medications-the second fungal culture came back positive on all the animals (2 dogs and 3 cats)!  I was heart broken for me- my endless cleaning and vacuuming but especially for my pets.  One of my cats lost SO much hair after starting the 6 week regimen again it was truly worrisome and the dog's hair was like straw.  That's when I found you.  After stopping the lime sulfur treatment within a week my cat's hair was SO much better.  The Ciderm shampoo and the "78" solution has been so wonderful.  It is so much gentler on my animals and gives me peace of mind that the spray adds an extra layer to my cleaning.  I use the spray all over and on the animals.  I most certainly will be telling my veterinarian about this.  I truly believe this has helped to resolve what seemed like an endless problem!  Than you so much! 



Hi,  I just placed another order. I want to thank you for shipping my last order so fast! I picked it up as soon as it arrived, and jumped right into baths! Thank you for making a product that is safe for all animals.  It gives me a peace of mind knowing that I'm not putting my family in danger anymore with all those chemicals. Thank you again.

Alyssa, NY

Finally, I feel like there is hope!  We struggled with ringworm since we brought our two kittens home from the shelter.  I never dreamed it would be so hard to get rid of it.  But since we’ve been spraying and dipping the babies in DioxiGuard 78, what a difference.  I saw a change in just a few days.  The Ciderm Shampoo is wonderful.  I know it is good for the kittens’ skin because it does wonders for my hands.  Thank you for introducing these products to us.  We feel like we will see the end of this ringworm and it is the first time we felt that way since our kitties came home.   


Long Island, New York



Thank you so much for your information. The Ciderm shampoo has been amazing!  After just a week, 3 baths, most of the kittens are almost normal. All have scabbed and they are sloughing off. Still a couple with toe or ear issues but they are improving. Your caring email has been very reassuring with this scary event. 


I just ordered another Ciderm shampoo and the environment spray. I’ve been using bleach mixture but trust your product more after these results. 


I will always have some on hand now for after show baths!  Lesson learned!



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I can't thank you enough for your products that have made my life good again!  I had just about given up on ever getting rid of the ringworm that had taken over my cattery and then I ordered your "78" spray and started using it.  It's nothing short of a miracle - in two days I am seeing improvement on my two kittens that have had it for months with no improvement and they are now showing no glow when I test them with the light.  I've been walking around with a spray bottle and am treating all areas.  I feel confident I'll soon be totally ringworm free, and I will then use the 78 as a preventive disinfectant.

Just as an aside, I had a girl who was nicked on her back by the groomer who shaved her down and I decided to try your spray on her sore, and yes, in two days the sore is healing.

And last but not least, I also love your shampoo!  

Cindy, Louisianna

My dog had flea bite dermatitis, and scratched all the time even after the fleas were gone. I bathed her in the shampoo and noticed how quickly the scratches and sores were healing. I bathed her again the next week and the sores were all healed. Her fur is soft and smells good. If only it was this easy to get rid of the fleas! I really like this shampoo. Ginny, MA

"This stuff really works. After our new kitten brought ringworm home with her and our vet sold us shampoo and dip with weeks of treatment and rules for sanitizing the house, I found your web site. I wish I found it before I spent the $250 at the vet's. After bathing our Sasha a couple of times, and then once and a week for a few weeks, she shows no sign of it. We use the shampoo all the time just because it leaves her coat soft and shiny. This shampoo is great and the ringworm is gone." Gratefully, The Bedfords, Alabama

I can't thank you enough for introducing me to the DioxiGuard product line. We know taking our babies to shows that we are subjecting them to various illnesses and fungi. Your product line helps protect my cats from contracting anything. I use DioxiGuard to clean my cat rooms on a daily basis, take a bottle with me to shows, and use it at the hotels. Protection with this product gives me peace of mind!  My cats and I thank you! Nannette, Ohio

"I've tried the sulfur dip from the vet for our kitten's ringworm. The stuff is awful and still my daughter got it. When you sent me the Ciderm Shampoo I was not optimistic. BUT, one bath and I saw the ringworm start to dry up. It is amazing. When I took my kitten to the vet, he tried to take the credit for it, but I know it was the shampoo. And the kitten's coat is soft and smells so good. Thank you. Sarah, Texas. "

A belated thank you...A few years ago, my dog got ringworm. Both the vet and the groomer had dogs with ringworm and both of them pointed at each other for having caused my dog's ringworm, but that didn't help the condition go away. The vet said that ringworm can become such a nightmare situation and that it can last for 6 months, which it was in his dog. I didn't start with your products, I started with the vet's products and had him bathed and sprayed in his products for months and even as ringworm spots went away, new spots would spring up. What was worse was trying to get it out of the bedding and out of the car and it became an endless job of going to laundry mats and vacuuming and mopping and spraying and I was using antifungals to keep it off of me and it was genuinely a nightmare process. I found your product and washed him and sprayed him and the spots were gone within the week and stayed gone. I fogged my house and my car and our lives were good again.

Theresa from Idaho



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