A Story of Courage

This story is about Sara, who continues to save her dog's life by seeking healthy, non-toxic options to treat her dog.  Tried and true drugs and medical procedures are not always the answer.  Sometimes, looking beyond traditional treatments brings better and healthier results.  Thank you Sara for sharing your story with us.   

I suddenly had to use your product again.  I still have shampoo and the 72 formula from a few years ago, when my dog got ringworm.  I have already used some on my dog and it has already started helping again.

I am writing because my dog was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma over a year ago and if I didn't have your product, I might be putting him down right now.  Thirteen months ago, my dog collapsed walking halfway to greet a new person.  We had to carry him into the vet.  He had a high fever and wouldn't eat and didn't even respond to affection.  The scans showed that he had a melon-sized tumor in his spleen and he had other tumors and had bad infections.

I was told by the vet that even if I did the $10,000 surgery and chemo, the animals usually bleed out on the table and the national average is that they live for 2 weeks to 35 days.  He told me that, if I wanted, he would give him fluids and antibiotics and he could stabilize him enough for me to spend a few days saying good bye, but that he would likely bleed out in a few days.  I cried and I chose to spend time with him.  Mostly, I am a Whole Food Plant Based Vegan and have seen cancer get healed that way and found one dog healed from liver cancer with vegan.  I also found  Keto Pet Sanctuary healing a dog with golf ball sized tumors using Keto and I found a man who said that he healed his dog with water fasting.  Plus, I found some natural vets who said that they were having results using things like Yunnan Baiyao and Wormwood and I found a Turkey Tail Mushroom study.

As it turned out, the food I thought I ordered from the place associated with Keto Pet Sanctuary never showed up and he rejected the oil, which was 90% of their diet, I kept him alive using Vegan Whole Food Plant Based and Turkey Tail Mushrooms and Yunnan Baiyao.  I spent a fortune on every cancer supplement I could find and they all may have helped a little, but 5 months into trying to heal him, he was deteriorating and was not eating all that much and I called the vet and said that it was almost time.

Then, on a whim, I added, "I have one last thing to try.  Water fasting."  My dog and I didn't like having him water fast, but it was that or put him down.  The day I started water fasting him, he was struggling to stand up and kept soiling the house, but two weeks later, he was asking to go outside and was back to eating anything he could get.  In the meantime, I found the Purdue University study that feeding dogs raw vegetables with their kibble decreased their cancer risk by 90%.  That was 7 months ago.  My dog is still a happy dog who loves to eat and who never messes inside at all.

That was why seeing ringworm this week was devastating. Thank you again for your product.   I already know that your product literally is the difference between life and death for him and I can't thank you enough.