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Kill Ringworm Using Non-Toxic J-Kat Chlorine Dioxide Products
Ringworm is a fungus that can take over your cattery, your home and your life if you allow it.  A breeder or pet owner must be tenacious, aggressive and creative in ridding their cattery and/or home of it. Prevention is the best solution but we get busy with shows, new cats and kittens and trips to the vet and we forget, they are sources for bringing in the pesky disease.  In this era of the "picker" we find items at garage sales, thrift shops, and used items on Craigslist, and other selling sites that can bring in the culprit.  Add other animals that go outside the house, trips to the pet stores that welcome animals (many of the owners looking for ringworm remedies) and ourselves carrying in the spores that a neighborhood cat may also have deposited on our doorstep.  I call it a "pesky disease" because it is not life threatening to the animal (unless using dangerous remedies) but frustrating to those dealing with it and unpleasant for the animal.
        "I think I have ringworm, what do I do?"
We usually don't realize we "picked up" ringworm unless we see a lesion on our animal or on ourselves.  The "ring" on the skin is seen more in people and less in animals.  Crusty skin, a bump, a rash, a bald spot or a ring may all be signs of ringworm on an animal.  The Wood's light is not a tell all either. Many things fluoresce. Whether one hair fluoresces or the whole cat fluoresces, it doesn't mean it's ringworm.  New pet owners often overreact to the magical glowing light but don't hear the vet say that it may or may NOT be ringworm.  A skin culture is a better determinant of ringworm, but it can take up to 3 weeks.  Don't wait around for the results if you are suspicious.  Isolate the animal(s) immediately and begin the regime.  It may take only weeks to clear up, or it can take months or even years if you are not quick with promptly starting the cure and tenacious about it.  You must treat the animal AND the environment (this can be difficult but critical to eliminating ringworm).   By isolating the animal as soon as you find it, limits the exposure of ringworm spores in its environment.
The J-Kat products are non-toxic.   All chlorine dioxide products are not the same.  The J-Kat products are topical products that kill fungus almost immediately.  In vitro, the chlorine dioxide kills ringworm (Microsporum Canis) in a minute. The Ciderm shampoo is highly effective as well as non-toxic.   It can be used on kittens as young as a week or two old when ringworm is often first noticed.  There are sprays for the premises that kill ringworm in minutes, leaving it safe for your animals.  Plus, they are gentle on the skin and reduce the process by several weeks to months. 
Treat the Environment  
Ringworm can be transmitted in many ways and the spores can last up to 2 years, maybe more.  The spores are found on infected animals, their bedding, grooming supplies, brushes, combs, and in contaminated facilities like kennels, shelters, boarding facilities, show halls, catteries and any environment where an infected animal has been. Because ringworm spores can survive for long periods in the environment you may rid your pet of it only to reinfect the cat with the spores still in the environment.  Your cat can contract ringworm from just about anywhere infected dogs or cats have been.   
Young cats under a year old are most easily infected.  Any cat or dog can get ringworm.
Ringworm fungus can survive for long periods in the environment if left untreated, it is important that an environmental protocol be put into place as well as one for the animal.  The microscopic spores are carried through the air and wherever you have dust and hair, you may have spores.  Vacuuming is more effective in ridding the environment of the spores than sweeping, which can spread them.  Damp mopping and vacuuming are the preferred methods to catching the spores.  And don't forget to disinfect the vacuum cleaner and bag. When you discard the bag, spray the vacuum as if you see little critters all over it because there probably are, microscopically speaking of course.  Spray the areas with J-Kat’s DioxiGuard 78 Spray.
The J-Kat chlorine dioxide products are non-toxic. They kill the spores in minutes and DioxiGuard 78 spray can be used in a non-thermal fogger as well. A spray bottle of it can easily be carried to shows, the vets or pet stores for instant disinfection.  
Chlorine dioxide cure for ringworm
chlorine dioxide for ringworm
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