DioxiGuard 72 PLUS holds on to flat surfaces, and penetrates far to reach places.  It is a surface or animal cleaner that has more residue that allows it to cling to flat surfaces. It is not recommended for foggers.  Use it on adult animals. It can be left to dry or rinsed off with water.  It is effective especially on the feet and between the toes. Spray generously and let saturate. If using around the face and on the ears, spray on a cotton ball or apply with a cotton tipped applicator.   It is not necessary to rinse but a residue on the coat will be noticed.  It is non-toxic to animals and humans.    

DioxiGuard 72 PLUS is suggested for show halls and multiple animal facilities, hard surfaces and metal cages.  Spray it in and on show cages, around the grooming table, show supplies or any place that other animals may have been.  A light spray on clothing and shoes helps prevent acquiring diseases from nearby animals.  Carry DG 72 PLUS with you to the vet’s office, pet shop or when you are around other animals to stop bacteria and fungus before you bring it home.   Spray it on cage curtains, in and on carriers, or on the animal.

Store and use sprays in plastic or glass containers, out of direct sun or heat above 95 degrees.  

DioxiGuard 72 PLUS

comes in two sizes

   32 oz.  Spray Bottle


One Gallon Refill

DioxiGuard 72 PLUS Gallon