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Below are Linda's lovely Angelica and Valentino

Linda's Story

In February of this year I noticed a strange sore on my arm that looked like an infected spider bite.  I am not one to go to doctors but when another one showed up on the other arm I was very concerned that it could be something I could spread to our animals.  My husband and I live on a farm with five horses, 14 cats, and three dogs.  I went to a dermatologist who shrugged it off as Cat Scratch Fever and said I was not contagious.  Before the bacterial culture came back I went to another doctor as more sores were popping up on my arms and neck.  He took one look, scoffed, and said it was either a bacterial infection or an allergic reaction, reiterating that I was not contagious.  He put me on antibiotics.  When the culture came back negative for bacteria, however, I became very concerned.  What was it then?  I called the doctor’s office but no one returned my calls for nearly two weeks.  By that time, my husband developed a similar sore.  When I finally received a call back I was told to come in, and this time one of these sores were biopsied.  The biopsy came back a week later as ringworm.  


I was horrified!  I had been careless with all our animals because I was told for six weeks that what I had was not contagious.  By this time, 4 of our cats had developed lesions, along with my husband, but within just a few more weeks, 9 pets and 1 horse were also infected.  Early on, our small pet veterinarian came to our home to examine everyone, and we isolated “lesion” pets to one room, heavily exposed pets to another, and not much exposed to yet another.  The treatment and prognosis, not from just our vet, but from another highly recommended vet, was the same:  “The pets were to be treated topically with an antifungal cream 2-3 times a day, along with a six week therapy of oral antifungals for one week on and one week off for three consecutive every other week intervals.”  And, the prognosis:  “We would NEVER get rid of this fungus.  

The best we could hope for was to manage it.”  This was enough to put me in an insane asylum!  We have no life from now on as this will never go away, and the best we can ever hope for is to MANAGE ringworm for the rest of our lives!  My husband and I spent 4-5 hours every single evening treating animals and trying to disinfect our home with bleach, however knowing it would never completely go away.  It was horribly depressing and over-whelming.  


As weeks passed, I kept searching the Internet for a better answer, more information on ringworm, and how to rid oneself and one’s environment of the menacing fungus.  The best information I found was on wrestler’s websites, as it seems wrestlers are constantly contracting ringworm from the mats they fight on.  Going by their recommendations, my husband and I showered head-to-toe in Selsum Blue nightly after our ringworm chores had been completed for the night.  Our hair took on a dry, fly-away appearance and dullness.  My skin turned red and irritated.  We used massive amounts of bleach to disinfect all our clothes, bedding, and towels, which became ruined, and wreaked of bleach, enough to make me ill and further irritate my red skin.   The strain of what each day had become was too much.  


I kept searching the Internet.  I don’t remember the exact day, but remember wondering how I had not stumbled across this website sooner:  “JKAT Chlorine Dioxide kills ringworm spores.”  Right, I thought!  I have seen that claim many times before.  So, I Googled the main ingredient, Chlorine Dioxide, to see if what I read supported their claim.  From there, I was intrigued, and downright hopeful.  


Another cat broke with lesions.  In fact, she had the worst case of all: bald ear-to-ear in a wide band across her chest and throat.  I was worried that I would look like her!  


When I received the JKAT products I quit using the antifungal cream and used only JKAT.  From using the cream her infected area has not gotten much worse but was not improving much either.  We knew that the cream took two weeks or more to kill the fungus.  At day 4 using JKAT she had two dried lesions literally hanging loose from her skin, and there was already a light coat of fur growing back.  We could not believe our eyes.  She literally was healed.  The first group of ringworm infected cats had been in treatment for over six weeks, and had far less lesions, but we treated them from then on with JKAT, and the remaining lesions healed quickly and completely.  



That wasn’t the only positive to using JKat.  Being able to spray the JKAT Surface Spray on EVERYTHING that could possibly hold spores, as compared to cleaning with bleach, hoping it would not dry before the ten minutes it takes to kill the fungus, saved us a lot of time.  Not to mention no longer ruining our furniture and clothes. We also used the spray on ourselves, our shoes and clothes, to keep from tracking it to other pets or places. And, we sprayed it on ourselves before showering to kill any spores we might have picked up while treating the infected cats. And, that it is non-toxic made us confident that no matter where spores might be, we could kill them easily and quickly, without harm to us or our pets.  


As the proof began to multiply, pet-after-pet, we became totally sold on the product.  And the guidance and encouragement I received from Joanie at JKAT was far beyond the call of duty.  She knows first-hand how upsetting, exhausting, and depressing, dealing with ringworm the conventional way is, having been there herself years ago. With this product, and Joanie’s devotion to helping others, and her compassionate assistance, the situation became far less overwhelming.   We finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel, and had realistic hope that we could put an end to this fungal nightmare.


JKAT’s Chlorine Dioxide products reduced the treatment time from several weeks and months to just days or perhaps a week or more.  Treating your pets and the environment with JKAT you can rest assured.  There is no chemical today that claims to kill the ringworm fungus as quickly, efficiently, and safely, nor does anything penetrate like JKAT’s Chlorine Dioxide, because Chlorine Dioxide is a gas, which is a very small molecule. Chemists are not sure even today just how Chlorine Dioxide works, but it works!  “In the late 90’s, the American Society of Analytical chemists declared this chlorine dioxide to be the most powerful known killer of pathogens currently known to man…”


Chlorine Dioxide kills pathogenic organisms quickly and safely, without harming healthy tissue, which is why our worst case kitty grew all her fur back so quickly. Bleach is the recommended environmental disinfectant of veterinarians, only it takes ten minutes of constant contact to kill the ringworm fungus, providing the area it is used on is already clean, as it cannot penetrate organic matter, like dirt, and that the solution stays wet the entire ten minutes.  


JKAT does not need a clean surface to work, and it can be sprayed EVERYWHERE and on ANYTHING without worry as it is non-toxic, and kills the fungus usually within a minute.


Don’t let apathetic, unwitting doctors tell you that you have to live with ringworm!  There may not be an incentive for veterinarians to search for and offer better solutions to rid homes and families of this fungus, but that doesn’t  mean there isn’t a superior, nontoxic, option out there to rid your life of this menace once and for all!  And there is!  It’s JKAT’s Chlorine Dioxide Products!


Linda Dow

Canton, GA


TheAmerican Society of Analytical Chemists declared …chlorine dioxide to be the most powerful known killer of pathogens currently known to man.

Thank you Linda, for the photos of your beautiful horses.

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