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Why our customers are so special...

in Memory of Rosie

With every conversation I have with customers, I hear lovely stories, happy stories, funny stories, and sad stories.  Rosie was one of those stories.  She was the pet of Chris H. from NJ.  Her story was all of the above.  Rosie was a yellow Labrador and had a big sister Ginger, her side kick.  They played together, they romped together and rumbled together over a tennis ball.  You can just imagine them in the back yard.  

One day Chris wrote that Rosie had an seizure, something that she never experienced before. The 10 year old was a pup in spirit but the incident gave Chris great concern.  Off to the vet went Rosie for every test they knew to provide.  She got a little better but again, had another seizure.  After several episodes, Rosie was put on strong meds affecting her balance and spirit.  Chris still did not know what was wrong.  Finally, she was told it was serious, a brain tumor or cancer.  

Rosie was getting worse, and her quality of life would never return. Having to face that decision no pet owner ever wants to face, Chris had to say good bye to Rosie on Sept. 5th, 2017.  

Although, we never met face to face, I felt that I knew Rosie, just as I feel that I know Chris. 


Chris, you have my deepest sympathy for the loss of this wonderful being called "Rosie"


Here's to the spirit of Rosie, may she rest in peace. 



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