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Non Toxic Chlorine Dioxide Pet Products

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Chlorine dioxide ringworm cure
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Chlorine Dioxide is one of the fastest acting and most powerful antimicrobial agents.  However, all chlorine dioxide products are not alike.  The J-Kat products are non-toxic, yet strong enough to kill fungus, bacteria and viruses in 1- 2 minutes.  J-Kat makes chlorine dioxide products that are the ideal solutions for an extensive list of animal health-related applications, including but not limited to:

* Treatment of fungal and yeast infections, including ringworm


* Antiseptic shampoo cleans and deodorizes hair coat and skin, eliminates dandruff and skunk odors


* Treatment of bacterial dermatitis and dermatological "hot spots" in animals

*Treatment of gingivitis and periodontal disease, ear fungus and bacterial diseases.


J-kat Products are safe for kittens and puppies. When used as directed, they are safe and non-toxic. Commercially, chlorine dioxide antiseptics are used to wash produce and disinfect meat and poultry, food processing equipment and contact lenses.  It’s safe for you and your young animals too!

Ringworm is not killed in one step or one application.  DioxiGuard 78 and DG72 PLUS will rid your house and pet quarters of ringworm spores. Luxurious Ciderm Pet Shampoo kills the ringworm on the pet.  The sprays kill topical diseases in minutes, and just spray it where the pet goes. 

DioxiGuard 78 can also be used in a non-thermal room fogger. The new single DioxiCare system makes it easier to clear your surroundings of fungus, bacteria and viruses.  All the products can be used directly on the animals.

Fleas Spread Ringworm Spores

It has been reported that currently, there is more flea infestation in all parts of the country than in past years.  We found that some of the trusted flea remedies no longer work, and that fleas transport ringworm spores.  Just as spores travel through the air ducts, they may hitch a ride on fleas that deposit them on your cat or pick up spores from one cat and carry them to another.  You may get rid of the fleas but the deposited spores may remain and create a round of ringworm.  Fleas can play a big part in transferring ringworm.  Get rid of the fleas FIRST!  Animal Shelters are very susceptible to this dual problem.  Be safe, isolate!  J-Kat products do not kill fleas but can aid in the treatment of infection caused by them.

Ciderm Shampoo will kill ringworm in minutes but spores can be deep in the skin  and as they slough off in the house, they can live there and on other animals for months and longer.  Also, fleas can carry the spores between animals or spread them from one spot on an animal to many spots. Chlorine dioxide is not an insecticide and does NOT kill fleas.  Use a flea shampoo or flea control in between baths with Ciderm shampoo if you see fleas. Once the fleas are eradicated, treat the surroundings for ringworm with the various chlorine dioxide products.  

Shipping and Quality

Our products are shipped from the lab where they are made and come to you as fresh as possible.   Recently, J-Kat has been notified that shipments and product development have been delayed due to labor shortages.  Unfortunately, delays can be weeks.  J-Kat, Inc. regrets the turn of events but will do all it can to get the products to you.  Holidays may delay orders.  Every attempt is made to get the products to you as quickly as possible with maximum strength.   We do not ship outside the Continental United States.
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