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Some breeders may look with disdain on those who have or had ringworm.  All I can say is "your day is coming".  The only disdain that should be is for those breeders who don't tell an unsuspecting buyer the cat is being treated for ringworm and how the new owner can carry on the protocol.  If breeders spoke openly about it, remedies would be shared and the ringworm cycle would be shortened if not eliminated.  


Ringworm isn't the end of the world.   Knowingly breeding and selling cats with undisclosed PKD, FeLV, Feline Aids or any number of life threatening diseases is unforgivable.  Ringworm isn't.  It's a pest.  It happens.  Take action. With the Jkat chlorine dioxide products for the animal and environment, tenacity and perseverance and more understanding how the spores may hang on, ringworm can be just another nuisance in animal ownership.   It's nothing to be ashamed of any more than is a kitten with diarrhea, or a cat with fleas.  Having a remedy and a protocol is what it's all about.  



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