Welcome to J-Kat, Inc., the site with chlorine dioxide products that were developed specifically for J-kat, Inc, by Frontier Labs and Chemist Howard Alliger, holder of 25 plus patents using chlorine dioxide.  The products were tested by several independent vets.  The products are effective and non-toxic if used as directed.   The various protocols were developed and tested by Joan Glance, PhD, cat breeder/exhibitor, cattery and pet owner.  The products address the health issues facing pet owners, shelters and breeders alike.  

Our pet line addresses the skin problems due to bacteria, viruses and fungi of small animals, and the environment that harbors the microorganisms that cause the problems.  All chlorine dioxide products are not alike.  J-Kat's products were developed by experts, and safe for your pets and you.  They can only be purchased from this site and ship directly from the lab to you for guaranteed top quality. 

The American Society of Analytical Chemists declared …chlorine dioxide to be the most powerful known killer of pathogens currently known to man.

Safe, Non Toxic Pet Products that Kill Bacteria, Viruses, & Fungi, including ringworm.


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