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Jkat, Inc. ships directly from the Lab where the products are made.  They generally ship with 24 hours of ordering except for week-ends and holidays.  

Chlorine Dioxide Kills Microsporum Canis,

better know as RINGWORM,

Finally a better solution to fighting ringworm.

On the right are the lab results of how chlorine dioxide topically kills ringworm.  Read the study done by Robert Wilkins, BVSc, DVP, DACVP under the “Chlorine Dioxide” tab.  

Don’t miss the article under the Ringworm Protocol tab…

J-Kat, Inc. has products that are harmless and non-toxic to pets if used as instructed.  They address the health issues facing pet owners and breeders alike.  

Our pet line addresses the skin problems due to bacteria, viruses and fungi of small animals, and the environment that harbors the microorganisms that cause the problems.  

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Jkat chlorine dioxide products are for topical use only and not intended for oral or injectible administration.  

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